Installing for Blender 2.8x (for newer versions of Pro Align Tools)

  • Go to Edit > Preferences
  • Go to the Add-ons section
  • Press the Install… button from the top right
  • Navigate through your filesystem until you find the Pro Align Tools addon and select it:
  • Press the Install Add-on from File… button. You should now be able to see it listed in the addons list
  • Press the little empty checkbox next to the addon name in order to enable it
  • In the bottom left corner of the Preferences window, look for the Save & Load button with a collapsed menu icon (the one with three horizontal lines) and click it to open the Save & Load Menu
  • If you have the Auto-Save Preferences checkbox enabled, you can just close the Preferences window, and once you reopen Blender, Pro Align Tools will continue to be available in future executions. On the other hand, if you have the Auto-Save Preferences checkbox disabled, you will have to click the Save Preferences button from the Save & Load Menu to ensure that Pro Align Tools remain available in future executions of Blender
  • Enjoy!