Auto-Alignment modeΒΆ

The predetermined mode of operation of Pro Align Tools is Auto-Alignment. This mode is a combination of settings, allowing to choose very fast an Origin Point, a projection Plane, a Direction of alignment, and the use of local/global space.

Auto-Alignment mode make use of some special gizmos which are a combination of 3 axes (X, Y, Z), each one providing up to 3 depths of alignment. In total, a single gizmo offers 9 unique alignments. When combined with a bound box, you are allowed to use up to 27 different alignments within the box.

The Auto-Alignment gizmos are also available for some special points like the origin of the world and the cursor.


All the alignments provided by a single gizmo.


To actually see the gizmos in the 3D View, the Show gizmo button must be enabled for your current view. You can easily toggle this by pressing the shortcut D.